You will find a suitable partner in this article if you are now looking for silicone manufacturers and suppliers in China that can supply you with pure silicone rubber products and parts. We have collected the top 10 trusted and powerful companies that are known for their silicone rubber services, with nearly 98% satisfaction.

What is Silicone Rubber? Why Choose It for Your Products?

Silicone rubber, composed of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms connected by two organic groups of rubber, is a versatile material with many applications. High-temperature silicone rubbers have been utilized to craft products in various industries; meanwhile room temperature versions are most commonly employed as adhesives, potting materials or even molds.

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Top Silicone Manufacturers in China in 2023

This collection will make it easy for you to classify each silicone company’s capabilities and select one that suits your requirements.

1. Xiamen NEWTOP Material Products Co., Ltd

Xiamen NEWTOP is an all-around enterprise supporting a one-stop service of LSR customization、design、 manufacturing for global customers. NEWTOP actively strengthens the industrial chain and extends business to mold design and development. Through years of innovation and growth, NEWTOP has stridden into a comprehensive development stage of “diversified product portfolio, multiple fields, and globalized market layout” and has grown into a large-scale integrated high-tech enterprise.

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Main Products And Services

• Silicone cap and plug

• Silicone seals

• Custom silicone parts


• Competitive price

• High efficiency

• Customization services