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We employ professional silicone specialists to ensure all customer requirements are fulfilled. Since silicone rubberis subjected to demanding applications, including compression and stretching, it is structured to maintain its size and shape. Our chemists work to enhance its properties and performance, meeting a variety of functions. We collaborate closely with you to develop bespoke silicone formulations that are tailored to your exact specifications. In order to provide the most suitable silicone solution, we need to fully understand your requirements, including the desired curing processes, compounded product physical form, and particular applications.

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Silicone Valve

Silicone valves are essential for efficient and comfortable breast pumping. They are small, flexible components that regulate milk flow and ensure a secure seal during the pumping process. Our free samples of silicone pumps have helped numerous silicone breast pump distributors who consistently need silicone valves for their pumps. After being satisfied with our samples and undergoing testing, our clients fulfill an order. We have provided high-quality silicone valves to global mom & baby brands.

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Silicone Bellow

Our client is a large chemical company searching for silicone bellows suitable for high-temperature environments with specified tolerances and dimensions. To fully comprehend their requirements, we requested a sample of their existing bellow, so we could determine the product’s durometer. Our tests provided further information on the heat tolerance level and other essential parameters.

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silicone bellows
silicone grommet

Silicone Grommet

Silicone grommets are versatile components used in various industries due to their excellent properties, such as high-temperature resistance, flexibility, durability, and resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. This customer contact us for customized silicone grommet for their company’s vehicles. To satisfy the customer’s requirements, we have offered 3 silicone grommets sample with different silicone material and they were able to choose what’s the best for them.

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Silicone Sealed Sensor

Silicone sealed sensors are used in various industries for measuring and monitoring parameters such as temperature, pressure, and humidity. These sensors are designed with a silicone seal that provides protection against harsh environments, moisture, dust, and chemicals. This makes them ideal for applications where reliability and durability are essential.

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silicone sealed sensors
silicone bushing

Silicone Bushing

Silicone bushings are made from silicone rubber, combining excellent temperature resistance, flexibility, and durability. They are used in operations including but not limited to automotive, industrial machinery, and electrical equipment, to diminish friction, vibration, and noise. The bushings come in diverse shapes and sizes depending on the application and commonly act as a protection medium between two moving components, reducing wear and tear while maintaining smooth operation.

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Silicone Extruded Strips

Silicone extruded strips, which are long, flexible, and thin strips made from silicone rubber using extrusion, are widely used because of their versatility and exceptional properties in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, and aerospace.Due to their flexibility and ability to create a tight seal, silicone extruded strips are often used as gaskets and seals in automotive, construction, and electronics applications.

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silicone extruded strips

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Industrial Silicone Parts

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