We support our employees’ professional and personal growth.

To fulfill corporate social responsibility, offer creative silicone solutions!

  With a focus on cultural elements and support for job assistance, NEWTOP has been a part of the local economic and social fabric since its founding in 2017. As a major player in the industry, NEWTOP continuously demonstrates total environmental consciousness, particularly by streamlining production schedules and encouraging staff to sort waste. We are now more engaged than ever in these foundational principles.

About the company

Our Mission

Custom industrial silicones are NEWTOP’s area of expertise. We make an effort to support every project all the way from conception to launch. We put genuine meaning into our work by designing and producing goods, articles, and silicone devices for our clients. In order to ensure sustainability, we collaborate with each of our interlocutors beyond just having a functional relationship with our stakeholders.


Our Vision

In the medical field as well as industrial markets, NEWTOP has built a solid international reputation. Since its establishment in 2017, it has grown gradually, with a noticeable acceleration in the last few years. We still have faith in our own skills and internal resources today since we are partners in our own company. With accountable and dedicated management, we are able to attain both social cohesion and competitiveness in the elastomer market. 


Our Duty

In addition to reaffirming its commitment to advancing professional equality and abstaining from gender discrimination on a daily basis, NEWTOP has extended its company agreement on equal pay for men and women. We create and release the Professional Equality Index each year. We reaffirm our dedication to providing equitable access to opportunities for advancement.


What We Do


We have a strong commitment to building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with every group we deal with, including clients, end users, suppliers, and employees. We protect the professional and personal development of our employees worldwide and we cultivate safe and healthy work environments.We give people the priority. We can only fully understand our work if it is founded on the respect for human rights because the pursuit of their well-being is the cornerstone of everything we do.

plant protection

The implementation of more environmentally friendly and productive production processes as well as developing of solutions that help cut down on the use of energy and water are all fully integrated with the protection of the environment. We are able to gradually lessen our value chain’s environmental impact as a result. Achieving a circular economy is a crucial aspect of our environmental commitment. As a result, a significant portion of the materials used to create different Roca products are recycled.


We go above and beyond what is expected of us in order to actively contribute to the social and economic advancement of local communities. This dedication is demonstrated by the establishment of business and development opportunities for various groups, the provision of our users alongside new levels of comfort and quality of life, or the enhancement of hygienic and sanitary conditions in the most underprivileged areas.

NEWTOP Custom Silicone is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse culture. “To be a professional home where we are secure, engaged, proud of our Team, and can grow our skills and careers in a challenging and creative environment” is our mission, as expressed in Our Duty.