Choosing the Right Silicone Products for Your Application.

Newtop Custom Silicone is a recognized leader in manufacturing and supplying liquid silicone rubber, possessing the technical resources and capability to develop versatile silicone rubber solutions tailored to an array of industries. Collaborating closely with our customers, our silicone engineers identify the parameters for the task required, allowing us to guide product recommendations including grades, thickness, and type to fulfill the solution. With our extensive 15 years of experience, we possess the expertise and provide proper consultation on silicone materials for an application.

NEWTOP Custom Silicone offer an extensive selection of professional custom Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and Silicone Compressing Molded components utilized in various industries like automotive, electronic, medical and LED light applications. Have a NEWTOP expert provide you with solutions to optimize your design, meet your high-quality standards while addressing high demand for precision LSR injection molded components, and bring value-added at every stage of the production process.

To provide products to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) businesses and end-users, having an in-depth understanding of the end-use application is crucial to ensure that silicone rubber products are cost-effective, fit for purpose, and meet international standards. We are also a capable Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that enables us to support your technical capabilities and bring your requirements into reality. Our team of silicone experts will work closely with you every step of the way, from the initial inquiry and design to product formulation and manufacturing.

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Industrial Silicone Solution

Since our establishment in 2007, NEWTOP Custom Silicone has emerged as a premier global manufacturer of custom injection molded components for the automotive industry. High-performance vehicles demand top-quality LSR gaskets, O-rings, sealed connectors, valves, grommets, single wire seals, and other automotive parts with precise specifications that adhere to high tolerances. We specialize in fulfilling high-volume orders for some automotive industry suppliers worldwide. The automotive industry acknowledges the perks associated with Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding for automotive parts and components. The superior durability, high thermal stability, and compression resilience benefits make LSR the outstanding option for standalone LSR parts, LSR multi-materials molded components, or LSR molded over a plastic component, metal, or other substrates.

Automotive silicone parts

silicone rubber parts

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Electronic Silicone Solution

silicone rubber parts

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Silicone rubber plays a significant role in the advancement of telecommunications, consumer electronics, computer technology, and power distribution. This state-of-the-art synthetic rubber can bond and wrap everything from microprocessors to semiconductors, offering protection against excessive moisture, heat, salt, and corrosion – in addition to preventing movement in appliances, computers, airplanes, and automobiles. Silicones are indispensable for a range of electronic assemblies, devices, components, and systems, and many technological breakthroughs in this field would be impossible without them.The industry of electronic accessory goods benefits from NEWTOP Custom Silicone’s exceptional silicone projects and technical support, with collaborations encompassing electronic accessories product brands, retail chains, gift stores, wholesale, and product development companies worldwide.

Medical Silicone Solution

LSR has exceptional bio-compatibility and hypoallergenic features that minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, and its hygienic nature deters the growth and spread of fungi and bacteria. Other unique characteristics such as durability, transparency, ultraviolet- and stain-resistance, and temperature tolerance have driven the increased usage of LSR in the medical sector. Since its invention, silicone has been used extensively in the medical industry for its superior bio-compatibility. Medical supplies or parts made of silicone include tubes, breathing masks, nasal aspirators, eye wash cups, and more. At NEWTOP, we carry out high-standard engineering processes and provide professional technical operations to deliver manufacturing solutions for medical products that meet various certifications.

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medical silicone

Industrial Solution

industrial silicone

NEWTOP Custom Silicone produces industrial-grade silicone products that meet customer specifications. Our expertise includes solid injection molding, compression molding, and liquid injection molding. Our extensive product line features a wide range of dustproof, oilproof, leakproof, and waterproof gaskets. Additionally, our team of experienced professionals offer production knowledge as well as assistance in material selection and part design. We specialize in designing and manufacturing heat-resistant and deformation-resistant silicone-based products including seals, gaskets, tubing, hose, O-Rings, and more.

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