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As a leader in custom silicone molding and silicone manufacturing and we always work hard to provide every customer with outstanding service. We have a very comprehensive, fully automated, efficient and reliable liquid silicone rubber injection molding system that you can always rely on. We believe in professionalism and quality, and we guarantee this is the place where you can get all the high-quality products and solutions you need.

At NEWTOP, we provide our end customers with considerate and comprehensive services. The services combine with Design & Prototype, Product Production, and  Value-added System.

Design & Prototype

Design and prototype is the initial step to realizing your idea. Our experience and unique understanding of liquid silicone rubber material and custom molding make us provide premium parts performance and utility.

According to different requirements, various prototyping methods are needed. A spot of parts production typically adheres to Liquid Additive Manufacturing(LAM) technologies. While cast molding is a suitable partner for a small bulk of LSR parts. Passing the strict testing and standards, or huge volume production in a short time is what NEWTOP can back for customers.

custom silicone o-rings
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LSR Molding and LSR Parts Manufacturing

When parts design is finished, a high-automated molding process is to be ready. As a matured liquid silicone parts manufacturer, we acquire advanced molding technologies, including:

LSR clean room injection molding
Multi-shot injection molding
★ LSR injection molding
Compression molding
Custom LSR injection molding

value-added service

Value-added System

In addition to series production, NEWTOP also supports value-added services. Through a convenient and cost-effective delivery chain, the NEWTOP team activates the auxiliary processes, for example, custom printing, post-cure, quality inspection, custom package, and shipping. With a stable and automatic manufacturing process and after-molding operation, NEWTOP is a one-stop custom silicone parts manufacturer and injector in China.