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NEWTOP Custom Silicone is committed to providing the best silicone o-rings and sealing items on the market. We don’t just meet your demands – we exceed them! Our strict attention to blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements ensure that you’ll receive high-quality silicone o-rings efficiently, no matter how challenging or complex your project may be. Let us help make sure it’s always better than expected at every turn!

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Silicone O-rings

Silicone O-Rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction. These o-rings are easy to install, versatile, and have capacity to handle pressures.

Silicone o-rings can handle pressure exerted by hydraulic cylinders over their seals. They are used in various types of motionless or movable joints and piping. silicone o-rings are extensively aused in aerospace and automotive fields.

AS568 O-Ring Seal

AS568 O-Ring Seals

AS568 O-Ring Seals are used in a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace and medical applications to oil and gas. They provide robust sealing solutions with excellent chemical resistance.

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ISO 3601 standard sizes

ISO 3601 O-Rings

ISO 3601 O-Rings are standard items used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The ISO 3601 standard ensures that all O-Rings are manufactured to the same standards of quality and performance.

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EMI Silicone O-rings

EMI O-Rings

EMI O-Rings are designed rubber components that provide electrical shielding and environmental protection. EMI O-Rings are made of silicone rubber and are available in a variety of sizes.

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FDA Silicone O-Rings

FDA approved silicone O-Rings provide quality assurance and durability to industrial applications.They have excellent elasticity, heat resistance and low gas permeability, making them suitable for a variety of uses.

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medical grade silicone o-ring

Medical Grade O-Rings

Medical grade silicone O-Rings offer superior resistance to temperature and chemicals. Medical grade O-Rings are manufactured with precise control over physical properties for consistent performance.

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Custom Silicone O-Rings

Custom silicone O-Rings are available for use. These O-Rings are industry grade and perfect for any application. They offer the perfect solution for sealing in various conditions and environments. Custom Silicone O-rings option.

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With one simple idea, you can turn it into something amazing – and we’re here to help. Our experts specialize in making silicone parts; from product design services all the way through prototype creation and beyond, your budget and timeline are our top priority. Bring us your part drawing or napkin sketch – let’s make that dream come true!

  • Parts Design
  • 3D Drawing
  • Mold Making
  • Sample Making
  • Mass Production
  • On-Time Shipment

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At NEWTOP, we take pride in being a silicone o-ring wholesaler with a vast inventory of high-quality products ready for immediate purchase. Our silicone o-rings are renowned for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures, making them the perfect choice for a wide range of applications across various industries. With our extensive stock, customers can conveniently find the right size and type of silicone o-ring to suit their specific needs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive only the best products and service, making us your go-to source for all your silicone o-ring requirements.

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Rich Technical Strength

We are dedicated to producing high-quality silicone parts that meet your unique specfication. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring that we can handle any project, no matter how complex. Taking pride in our commitment to quality,  we are confident that we can deliver the silicone rubber parts you need for your business to thrive.

• Silicone Injection Molding     

• Silicone Compression Molding

• Silicone Over-Molding

• Silicone Extrusion Molding

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Strict Quality Control

Our dedication to quality is unmatched. We undertake a stringent evaluation process that utilizes rigorous visual inspection, statistical sampling, dimensional measurements, material evaluations and mechanical testing – all designed with one purpose in mind: your satisfaction as you benefit from our superior silicone components crafted based on industry standards.

As a leading Silicone Parts Manufacturer, we help many consumers custom over 150 different kinds of silicone parts products every month. We not only help you get competitive costs but also excellent quality.


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