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NEWTOP Custom Silicone is committed to providing the best silicone o-rings and sealing items on the market. We don’t just meet your demands – we exceed them! Our strict attention to blueprint specifications and tolerance requirements ensure that you’ll receive high-quality silicone o-rings efficiently, no matter how challenging or complex your project may be. Let us help make sure it’s always better than expected at every turn!

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Silicone O-rings

Silicone O-Rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction. These o-rings are easy to install, versatile, and have capacity to handle pressures.

Silicone o-rings can handle pressure exerted by hydraulic cylinders over their seals. They are used in various types of motionless or movable joints and piping. silicone o-rings are extensively aused in aerospace and automotive fields.

AS568 O-Ring Seal

AS568 O-Ring Seals

AS568 O-Ring Seals are used in a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace and medical applications to oil and gas. They provide robust sealing solutions with excellent chemical resistance.

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ISO 3601 standard sizes

ISO 3601 O-Rings

ISO 3601 O-Rings are standard items used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The ISO 3601 standard ensures that all O-Rings are manufactured to the same standards of quality and performance.

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EMI Silicone O-rings

EMI O-Rings

EMI O-Rings are designed rubber components that provide electrical shielding and environmental protection. EMI O-Rings are made of silicone rubber and are available in a variety of sizes.

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