Yes, NEWTOP Custom Silicone will offer a raw silicone material test report if needed.

Silicone material can be divided into Liquid silicone and solid silicone. HB Silicone mainly deals with solid silicone materials.  Most of our silicone products fall between 30 and 70 Duro Shore A.
The Softest silicone in 10~30 and 70~80 the hardest are tailor-made materials for projects with specific application needs.
The softer the silicone material, the better elongation, and flexibility.  It can be used for complex structure silicone parts but it can also come with some issues like mold sticking or incomplete vulcanization.
On the contrary, the harder the material, the higher brittleness, and tearability. For silicone products with undercuts or straight angles, will be damaged or torn during demolding or if used improperly. So high durometers are mainly used for simple structure products.  Complex structures always come with a high reject ratio and short service life.
To ensure the silicone products perform as required, choosing the right durometer is important. 30~70 shore A can be applied for most silicone projects. Too soft or too hard will cause problems in production and increase the cost.
To get a quick and exact quote for custom silicone products or silicone prototypes, please send us the 3D CAD drawings in formats of STEP/STP, IGES/IGS, PRT, X_T, SLDPRT, and specify the Material Safety Standard, Special Quality Requirement, Estimate Order Quantity, Silicone Tool Mold Surface Finishing, Branding LOGO, Custom Packing Needs or any other special requirements, then the quote will be available within usually one business day.
If CAD models can not be offered, please send the sketches and draft drawings with dimensions, we will offer a preliminary estimate on cost for your reference. The final cost is to be reviewed when the final design is confirmed.

For silicone parts manufacturing, there are normally 4 ways to put your logo on silicone products.

Please advise the way you want to put your logo on, and share the image of the logo, we will review and reply accordingly.

It is the best if you can send us the CAD drawing in 3D formats of .step/stp, .iges/igs, .prt, .x_t. for review.

If you have only an idea or rough sketches /draft drawings, kindly inform us of the dimensions, applications, and functions. Images of similar products can also help us to understand the silicone parts you are going to develop.

Normally 5~7 days for silicone prototype tool mold, and 8-10 days for mass production mold.

Then 2~3 days for sample making, 3~5 pcs for sample confirmation.

Our Production dep will review and reply on delivery time after the trial order is received.

For more details about the silicone product development process, please vist check development process flowchart.

We are a company with our own sub factory.

Yes, we accept. Both OEM and ODM services are welcomed.

Based on different products, the product capacity is 50w-100w / month.

Yes.Once we create your mold,you can use it as many times as you like at no cost for future orders.As long as you keep the same design there is never any new molding fees.

Our side will have the mold maintenance regularly.

Once you place an order with us, we have professional staff to track your order constantly and let you know the newest process until you have received it. Each step of production and finished products will be carried out and inspected by QC before shipping.

Our whole-process quality control system ensures that our customers can receive the qualified products as the prototype they approved before mass production.

We are a 100% self-owned silicone factory dealing with custom silicone products for over 15 years.

With an in-house tooling shop and molding plant, we offer the complete silicone product development cycle under one roof.  By offering the complete silicone product development cycle under one roof- from designing parts & building molds to launching into full-blown production- you will reduce the risks of working with multiple vendors, improve time to market & lower costs.

Our partners are free to schedule a visit to our factory and witness our silicone manufacturing process in action.

We are One-Stop-Shop for custom silicone projects from molds to final products. We offer support throughout the entire process, from product development to after-sales service.

If you are searching for a new silicone factory either to make a mold for your next silicone product or a silicone manufacturer that provides a complete service (mold + production and maybe packing), NEWTOP Custom Silicone is your ideal partner you are looking for.

When you need a partner that has an in-house tool shop for tool mold processing, call us. Our in-house tool shop and engineers are ready to assist with everything from 3D design, programming, and even CNC tool mold processing.

Our final silicone products mass production service includes molding production, branding services, and custom packing solutions.

Sure, We can sign NDA for you, we will protect you surely. Also, all your samples and Related Design will keep in a special area.