Silicone Compression molding is an effective manufacturing process, used to form silicone parts. This processing method uses material preforms to mold silicone into the desired shape. Compression molding is versatile used, including seals, O-rings, gaskets, valves, diaphragms, switches, covers, cases, and buttons.

How Silicone Compression Molding Works

In compression molding, an uncured rubber profile or preform is carefully positioned into a heated mold typically consisting of a top and bottom plate with half of the part cavity cut into each plate.  And the mold is then placed into the compression molding press which subjects the mold to high clamping pressure to fill the mold cavity with the preform material. Then the rubber conforms to the shape of the mold and is cured to produce a molded component. Any excess rubber flows from the cavity via a trim area cut around each cavity. Compared to injection molding, rubber compression molding offers lower mold costs and quick mold changeovers with longer production cycle times.


Applications and Benefits of Compression Molding

Compression-molded silicone rubber offers several advantages over other types of rubber molding methods.

  • Less expensive tooling compared to rubber injection molding
  • Rapid mold changeovers
  • Eliminates material runners compared to traditional transfer or injection molding
  • Capable of processing most elastomers and cure systems
  • Ideal for material requiring longer cure times
  • Ideal for rubber overmolding onto substrates i.e. rubber to metal bonding

Compression molded silicone parts are valuable in a range of industries and applications. The manufacturing process is ideal for low- and medium-volume production runs. And this process is capable of creating highly precise parts, making it suitable for many complex rubber components, including large and intricate products. The defense, military, and medical industries frequently use this process to produce high-performance products such as O-rings, seals & gaskets.

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