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Seals are a vital component of a system to join mechanical systems together and prevent leakage, prevent contamination and/or contain pressure or lubrication. Seals are almost exclusively used on dynamic or rotating applications. Gaskets are typically used to seal spaces between two objects (joints) to prevent leakage by providing sealing properties when the objects are compressed. Gaskets can be both air-tight and water-tight. They protect the object from being exposed to dust, moisture, or dirt by keeping them out while provide seal for inside fluids, solids, or air.

These characters typically have strict demands for material. Our custom silicone seals & gaskets can meet any specifications you may require.

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We Can Manufacture Silicone Rubber Gasket for Any Application

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Custom Silicone Gasket

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What is Silicone Gasket?

Silicone Gasket has outstanding high and low-temperature resistance, working in the temperature range of -70℃ – +260℃ to maintain good elasticity, and having the advantages of ozone resistance, and weathering resistance. A silicone gasket is suitable for thermal machinery. Silicone gaskets, without any toxicity, can be used to make thermal insulation, insulating products, and medical rubber products. At the same time, silicone gasket still has the properties of waterproof, electrical conductivity, wear resistance, and oil resistance, which is widely used in machinery, electronics, plumbing, and other industries.

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Custom Silicone Seals& Gaskets

As one of the world’s most experienced custom silicone gaskets, many OEM suppliers and customers trust NEWTOP to supply well-performed silicone seals and gaskets. We are an ISO-approved silicone manufacturer with over 15 years of experience and a united team to supply a solution that matches your applications. From quick prototyping to mass bulk production, we can provide you with precise seals and gaskets timely and effective. Our high-efficient work enables us to prototype and design within 2 hours, produce samples within 5 days, and ship out your bulk products and components within 10 days.

Why Use Silicone Rubber to Make Gasket?

There are thousands of materials to make gaskets with, silicone is prominent among them. Why use silicone to make a gasket? Because:

(1) Well-Performed Insulation

Silicone gasket is an expert at insulating electricity. By combing silicone with silver-plated aluminum particles, a silicone gasket can blockade the EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) for its conductive ability. Therefore, silicone gasket is widely used in electronic equipment.

(2) High Durability

The silicone gasket is very durable. They can be strongly resistant to ozone, UV light, and extreme weather conditions. The benefit makes silicone gaskets a top choice for outdoor use.

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(3) FDA Certification

Because silicone gasket is under the list of FDA certification, so silicone gasket can be used in health care equipment, medical devices, and food processing factories. Also, the silicone rubber gasket is physiologically inert. That means that silicone rubber gasket is non-toxic and harmless.

(4) High and Low-Temperature Resistance

Silicone rubber gasket sticks to work at a temperature of up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it is a great component in many industrial applications. Even exposed to high temperatures, silicone rubber gaskets will not wear out or degrade.

(5) Pressure Confrontation and Flexibility

Silicone rubber gasket can work well under intense pressure. The thickness and shape of the silicone rubber gasket will turn back even after being pressed for a long time.

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 Is Silicone Gasket Better Than Rubber Gasket?

Yes,  silicone gasket is better than rubber gasket.

Natural rubber and silicone are two common materials applied to manufacture silicone rubber gaskets. In some condition, silicone is more efficient and work better than rubber.

A rubber gasket can work well in temperatures from -58 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. While silicone gaskets can handle more extreme temperatures from -58 degrees to 446 degrees. At the same time, the rubber gasket cannot be used with ozone, acid, oil, and grease, while a silicone gasket can use with these materials.

What Are The Type of Silicone Gaskets?

Choosing the suitable material and gasket hardness is crucial. Our knowledgeable team can assist in advising which will fit your applications.

We provide seals and gaskets with different grade silicone, including:

• Food Grade Silicone Gaskets

• FDA  Approved Silicone Gaskets

• Medical Grade Silicone Gaskets

• Solid Silicone Gaskets

• Molded Silicone Gaskets

• Conductive Silicone Gaskets

• Liquid Silicone Rubber Gaskets

• Custom Molded Silicone Gaskets

Newtop: A Leading Custom Silicone Gasket Manufacturer

Since 2009, We have been a leading custom silicone products manufacturer, producing innovative silicone products, custom compression seals, gaskets, and tubing, these products are used for various industries like electronics, automotive, refineries, pharmaceutical, medical, and other consumer products based industries, They are designed to meet our customers’ exact specifications and can withstand the rigorous requirements of the original equipment manufacturers, designers, engineers, and new product developers.

We are widely recognized for our responsiveness, flexibility, and devising innovative solutions, from very practical to highly complex – even for low-volume applications.

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