Silicone products are very popular in many countries in Europe and the United States. Not only in Europe and the United States, the demand for industrial silicone rubber products in the other market is also huge. Whether it is the technical level or the future trend of popularity, Europe and the United States often walk at the forefront. Some people in other countries tend to use plastic products, so they do not have a deep understanding of silicone products. But calling on environmental protection may boost the wide application of silicone products globally.

Silicone Rubber VS Plastic

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When it comes to silicone products, people are especially keen on the use of silicone products, such as silicone kitchenware, silicone tableware, various silicone daily necessities, etc. Go out with a silicone water cup, a silicone meal box for eating, snacks, cakes, and a silicone shovel. Silicone is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and high-temperature resistant, and it is a kind of very stable material. However, plastic production is dependent on oil, which is a weakness of the plastics industry (oil is a non-renewable resource, oil would be more with less), and overall silicone products instead of plastic products are the inevitable trend. Especially liquid silicone has got FDA inspection certification. Liquid silicone is widely used in the maternal and infant industry, plastic surgery industry, medical machinery industry, and so on. Silicone can be applied for these products mainly derived of the advantages: safe and non-toxic, odorless, high-temperature resistance, and high-temperature disinfection does not release toxic substances.

 Liquid Silicone Rubber

From an environmental perspective, silicone has better environmental protection than plastic, plastic cannot be decomposed and can produce toxic substances that harm the life of the earth. But silicone is more environmentally friendly, silicone products have a long life, and good stability, and it is not easy to corrosion. More importantly, silicone will not cause pollution to the environment. Silicone belongs to environmental protection materials, there are silicon (S I) elements like our life. This is the future of silicone instead of plastic materials, becoming one of the mainstream trends.

Why Choose Silicone Rubber Products?

From the point of view of use, liquid silicone rubber has high-temperature resistance, non-toxic, soft texture, and good collision. Using liquid silicone in kitchenware, and tableware are a very good choice, special baby tableware use silicone is very practical. Silicone has a long service life, is resistant to falling, and can be steamed, boiled disinfection, and repeated use. As long as there is no sharp object to destroy silicone products, silicone products can be used for more than ten years with not fade and aging. But plastic products can not endure the test of time. Plastic products will fade, brittle when serving for a long time. At the same time, the fatal point is that plastic products will release toxic substances under extremely high temperatures.

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In the future, the pursuit of environment-friendly materials will become the global mainstream, while those materials that destroy the environment will be eliminated over time, and people gradually realize the importance of environmental protection. In a word, silicone products are entering all aspects of our life and slowly replacing a lot of materials, becoming our daily necessities.

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