What Automotive Silicone Parts Can Be Founded In The Car?

In the broad field of transportation, especially the automotive industry, the various electronic parts with high efficiency are the core of all vehicles. From traditional oil-fuel automobiles to modern electric vehicles, electronic parts are using more and more top-class technologies, including sensors, bushing, brakes, seals, etc. These components and parts are exposed to extreme weather conditions or extreme temperatures which require the material has strong abilities to endure these factors. It has been approved that silicone rubber is your first choice.

Silicone Rubber products are found in every part of a vehicle in a car or truck, from the body to interior accessories to electronic parts. People related to the industry gradually realize that silicone parts play a vital role in car operation. These automotive silicone parts are easy to use and process, multi-functional, heat, and temperature-resistant, and can endure the weather and chemical factors.

So what automotive silicone parts can be founded in the car? Here are some components that used silicone to improve performance:

  • Brake

These safety-related components require the manufacturing material to withstand extreme temperature and frictional heat temperature during braking. Silicone rubber is a choice.

  • Chassis

Shock absorber seals, vibration brackets, and air springs that affect the vehicle’s driving efficiency are needed for silicone rubber parts.

  • Spark plug boots

These parts need the property of electrical insulation and heat resistance.

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  • Tube

The tube is a common part of the automotive industry that stand in heat, and oil condition. We know the material tolerances required for oil, heat, and ozone. And we can offer well-performed durability for long-term applications.

  • Electronic seals

These seals require a stringent parameter to make sure they can exert maximum sealability.

  • Engine gaskets and seals

FKM and fluorosilicone rubber elastomers are commonly used in these components to provide fuel and high-temperature resistance.

  • Grommet

A grommet is often used with wiring system cable rings, harness plugs, and cable rings. The cable entry points typically are well sealed to prevent moisture and dust.

  • Fuel oil seal

The hard engine environment and strict emission standards require top-class silicone rubber.

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