Silicone mold is a specific tool for the product of crafts with silicone. Silicone belongs to thermosetting accoutrements , thus, silicone mold generally adopts injection molding. While plastic mold is a simple name for contraction molding, extrusion, blow molding, and low raging molding of a combination. Plastic is a thermoplastic material, which generally used in injection molding. What’s the varieties between silicone mold and plastic mold? How to elect material for silicone products mold? Let’s take a look at that.

The Varieties Between Silicone molds and Plastic molds

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I. Material
Silicone mold is a special mold for making crafts. Generally, silicone and curing agent are mixed and stirred unevenly according to a certain rate and solidified and formed under room temperature or certain heating temperature. It has the characteristics of high- temperature resistance, erosion resistance, and strong gash resistance. Silicone belongs to thermosetting material, so it generally is used to take pressure injection molding.
Plastic mold is a kind of combined mold for contraction, extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, and low raging molding, so it’s also known as plastic mold or injection mold. It can reuse plastic corridor of different shapes. Plastic is a thermoplastic material, and it’s generally used in injection molding.

II. Structure
The general structure of silicone is composed of five factors base cement,cross-linking agent, catalyst, padding, and cumulative. Base cement,cross-linking agent, and padding are a element, and the catalyst is alone as another element. That’s why silicone is also called two- element silicone.
The structure of the plastic earth substantially consists of a hollow bones assembly substrate, die factors, and a punch combination setting plate. To ameliorate the performance of plastic, adding a variety of supplementary accoutrements to the polymer is demanded. The supplementary accoutrements include paddings, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, colorings, and so on.

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III. operation
according to physical parcels, silicone can be divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone. Solid silicone is substantially used to manufacture products with contraction molding. For illustration, custom silicone covers, custom silicone tableware, custom silicone molds, etc. Liquid silicone substantially adopts extrusion molding, similar as silicone baby pacifiers, silicone tubes,etc.
Plastic corridor are extensively used in every field of moment’s life, similar as appliances, instruments, and measures, cables and lines, construction outfit, communication electronics, the automotive assiduity, aerospace, diurnal tackle, etc. Plastic is so extensively used and accessible to use, but its side- effect can not be ignored.

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