In China, people may not have too much knowledge about the silicone industry and its products, like silicone cooking utensils, silicone anti-heat pads, silicone gloves, silicone storage bags, etc. But in fact,the development of the silicone industry around global has been spread for a long time.

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With the booming silicone industry, now silicone products have quickly entered our daily family life. It is not surprising that many food bloggers no longer use a traditional baking mold, baking scraper, or oil brush, instead, silicone kitchen utensils are their top choice. Given that NEWTOP silicone manufacturer China researches and develops the best cost performance silicone cooking utensils to meet the requirements of the market and customers.

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Several Reasons for the preference for Silicone Cooking Tools

Why do food bloggers and brands choose silicone cookware over traditional materials? There are three main points.

I.Natural and environment-friendly material
For light and cheap prices, many kitchen appliances are made of plastic. However, the white pollution caused by plastics has made serious harm to water, soil, resources, and the environment we live. Green development has become a social consensus. Silicone is environment-friendly material, its main component is the common silica in nature, which will not cause harm and burden to the environment and human body.

II. Special Material Characteristics
As anyone who has ever used plastic kitchenware knows, most plastic may endure the temperature of boiling water, but you can’t trust it for frying. Even if it is of good quality plastic, most of the highest temperature resistance is about 120 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of frying can generally reach about 200 degrees Celsius. However, silicone is flexible and has a strong advantage in thermal stability (temperature resistance range -40℃~230℃). This feature makes the safety and stability of silicone much higher than even the food-grade plastic material, which is more reassuring in the application of kitchenware.

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