What Are Silicone O-rings?

Silicone o-rings are a common kind of sealing. Because of its special performance, a wide range of temperature resistance, and excellent chemical properties, it is known as a special rubber with a fluorine seal.

Silicone rubber is widely used to make a variety of o-rings. The silicone rings can be divided into IDI rings, UN rings, UHS rings, OSI rings, UPH rings, YX rings, YA rings, QY rings, KY rings, O rings, rectangular rings, star rings, L collar rings, DKB type dust rings, DKI type dust rings, DKBI type dust rings, high-temperature resistant rings, rubber rings and more.

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High-Temperature Resistance Silicone O-ring

High-temperature-resistant silicone O-ring is a kind of seal especially suitable for high-temperature places, such as electric ovens, high-temperature boxes, etc. The crisper seals, electric pressure cooker seals and so on we produced are high temperature resistant. Their main features of them are high-temperature resistance, and long-term use without deformation.

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What Is the Performance of High-Temperature Resistant Silicone Seals?

• High-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, torsion resistance, and no deformation;

• Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, high elasticity, high tensile strength;

• The bonding mouth is smooth and firm, and can withstand the pulling force of 5KG;

• Strong waterproof seal, long-term use without aging;

•  After strict testing, it can pass FDA and other certifications;

•  High-temperature resistant silicone seal is mainly used in food machinery, electronic and electrical equipment, daily necessities, hardware, communication equipment, sanitary ware, baby products, security and environmental protection, sports equipment, printing and machinery manufacturing, and other industries.