Silicone over-molding, also known as rubber over-molding or injection molding. Common coating materials include silicone and liquid silicone rubber. The products or parts manufactured by silicone over-molding are more robust than those made by assembling or bonding.

Silicone over-molding is a molding technology that molds silicone over, under, or through a specific substrate material to finish the final parts or products. Our product designers optimize and combine the two materials to show the performance of the parts or products having a different levels of hardness and intensity.

    Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for Over-Molding

    Liquid silicone rubber is commonly used for silicone over-molding for its excellent performance. As we all know, liquid silicone rubber(LSR) is malleable, tasteless, non-toxic, and flexible, so we often call it a versatile molding material. Silicone over-molding goes viral in many industries, including electronics, health care, life science, etc.

    Advantages of Silicone Over-molding

    • Non-plastic substrate allowance. One advantage of silicone over-molding is that this molding can allow non-plastic substrate during the molding process.
    • Cost and time-saving. By using silicone over-molding, you can reduce the unnecessary timer and spend on assembling parts. You can get bulk production of your parts or products in an eco-friendly way.
    • Well-performance. Silicone over-molding fully shows the features and benefits of materials.
    • Flexible Design. This molding allows the complex and difficult design to happen. The requirements like sealing, water-proofing, and insulating can be realized in the products or parts.
    • Quality control. The precise and high-automated molding process brings you high-quality parts or products.

    silicone over molding products

    Applications for LSR Over-Molding