Food-grade silicone, just as its name implies, is a type of silicone that is safe for use with foods. It becomes more and more popular among food-related objects, from large-scale mom and baby care products, like feeding plates, and breast milk pumps to home cooking tools. It is also commonly used in food processing and packaging to prevent foods from contacting unsanitary surfaces when being transported. Food grade silicone can be founded in different forms to make it more serviceable for different uses. Due to its special feature of liquid, it can be injected into the objects to be molded.

Ordinary silicone is for industrial products, and it is odorous and opaque. Rather than ordinary silicone, food-grade silicone is safer. It is an odorless and non-toxic transparent liquid. Food grade is of high price than ordinary silicone, thus some manufacturers are inclined to mix ordinary silicone in products that are in contact with for saving cost. We always obeys the rule of safety first for our consumers, so our products related to food all are made of food-grade silicone rubber.

Benefits of food-grade silicone products

food grade silicone tubing

• Food safe and odorless, without containing BPA, and other toxic materials.
•  Strong resistance to damage and chemical.
•  Long service life. If cared for properly, our food-grade products won’t harden, crack, crumble, or become brittle over time. They are recyclable and flexible.
• Temperature resistant. Our food-grade silicone products can endure extreme temperatures from -65°F to 450°F.
• Providing customized service. Besides the quality of our products, high satisfaction is also our rule. We provide our consumers with premium OEM & ODM services.

How to Custom Your Food Grade Silicone

Applications of Food-Grade Silicone

We are a professional silicone rubber manufacturer providing food-grade silicone products for consumers across domestic and global countries. Our
food grade silicone is safe, long-lasting, and adaptable, and it can ensure the food quality and flavor are not altered. They are highly regarded as appropriate materials for kitchenware and baby care products.
(1) Silicone molds
Food grade silicone is often used to make molds of some items. The mold is used for making cake, cheese, chocolate, candy, ice cream, and a variety of others. Silicone molds are versatile and flexible, easy to clean and store. With the coming of summer, silicone ice tray molds become a new favorite this season, ice molds can be in different styles, shapes, and sizes. These ice molds will bring us a cooling feeling.
(2) Kitchen Utensils
Food grade silicone is commonly used for making cooking tools, including scrapers, brushes, spoons, and spatulas. These cooking tools are solid and to some extent have enough hardness and corrosion resistance.
(3) Baby care products
Baby’s health is a key issue for their mothers, so health and proper baby products are essential. Traditional products based on plastic and glass are not safe, they even contain some harmful substances. So our FDA-approved food-grade silicone products are good options!

Food-grade silicone-based baby care products are safe for infants because they are bio-compatible. Our silicone baby bibs, plates, pacifiers, and other baby-related products all got FDA, ISO 9001 approval.

Our team of silicone rubber manufacturing has served food-grade silicone products making for many years. We are a proper company where to buy food-grade silicone products. We can provide you with premium innovative solutions and optimize the manufacturing process according to your requirements.