custom lsr part manufacturer

NEWTOP custom silicone parts are the top options of the world’s part companies and customers for their premium quality. We specializes in liquid silicone rubber(LSR) molding and silicone compression molding. These technologies provide the ideal distance for advanced prototyping services, low and high volume production, and design newest products.

Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) molding is a technology to produce elastic, durable parts in high volume. These silicone rubber parts are produced through a high-automated injection molding process in which the material transmit system is cooled but the mold is heated. The technology is typically used in seal&gasket applications, and automotive and medical device applications.

LSR injection

Liquid silicone rubber molding is a form of producing parts through injection. The whole injection molding process starts with liquid silicone rubber injected into a mold, heated molding, cooled, and end with removing the parts from the mold.

Due to the flexibility in design and production, liquid silicone rubber molding is suitable to manufacture sophisticated geometrical parts. It offers indispensable benefits for parts utility and reliability. The advantages also include:
• Durability and elasticity
• Rapid prototyping
• Chemical resistance
• Extreme temperature resistance
• Bio-Compatibility

The compressing molding process typically takes uncured rubber, which has been accurately weighed and performed. Then these rubber pieces are placed in the mold. And the mold closed, forcing the formulation of silicone parts. Flash is removed and the silicone parts are placed in an oven for several hours to achieve a fully cured process. The compression molding keeps maximum consistency in parts properties. The advantages show:

  • Highly precise end productions for quick delivery
  • Material and cost saving
  • High automation
  • Shorter tooling lead time
  • High suitability for most materials and products