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How to Start A Silicone Product Business?

Great Potentials of Silicone Rubber Products The need for silicone products has gone up across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, and cookery, in today's dynamic business environment. Due to its excellent qualities, such as heat resistance, toughness, and flexibility, silicone is an essential component [...]

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What Are Silicone Extrusion?

What Are Silicone Extrusion? Silicone extrusion refers to the process of using an extruder to shape silicone material into various profiles, gaskets, seals and other complex designs. The extrusion method involves forcing a silicone compound through a specially designed die to create continuous lengths of the desired cross-section. [...]

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Revolutionize Your Silicone Parts with Liquid Injection Molding

Get custom-made molded silicone parts, gaskets, sheets, and rolls from NEWTOP Custom Silicone, using top-performing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials and processes. Our experience with liquid injection molding (LIM) means we select only the best LSRs for your components - which benefit from faster cure cycles and outstanding UV [...]

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What Are The Advantages of Liquid Injection Molding in Medical Products Manufacturing?

In the field of medical device manufacturing, liquid silicone rubber injection molding (LIM) is a process that has several advantages over other methods. The technology can reduce product strength and weight, while being more cost-effective than some alternatives, and still producing the final product within the parameters set by [...]

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