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Revitalize Your Water Bottle: A Guide to Replacing Silicone Sealing Rings

Our company recently handled a case that demonstrated the importance of water bottle sealing rings. One of our major clients came to us with worries regarding their water bottles leaking because the sealing rings were worn out. This instance demonstrates how important sealing rings are to maintaining the dependability [...]

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Applications of Silicone Protective Cover in Medical Industry

In the medical field, using protective materials is essential to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of different treatments and equipment. Protective covers are crucial for keeping medical equipment sterile, avoiding contamination, and extending its useful life. These materials must be extremely dependable, long-lasting, and secure to come into contact [...]

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What is Transfer Molding?

A manufacturing method that falls between injection molding and compression molding is transfer molding. The electronics and polymer industries particularly benefit from this process' ability to produce precise, high-quality parts. The foundations of transfer molding, its benefits, its comparison to alternative molding techniques, and its widespread application in a [...]

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How to Clean Silicone Breast Pump?

Selecting the appropriate breast pump is an essential choice for new moms. Because they are comfortable, simple to use, and hygienic, silicone breast pumps have become more and more popular among the available options. The goal of this guide is to offer thorough guidance on choosing, cleaning, and maintaining [...]

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Exploring Liquid Silicone Rubber’s Applications in the Medical Industry

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) stands out as a material that transforms the application and manufacturing of medical equipment in the rapidly developing field of medical advancements. LSR is well-known for its remarkable biocompatibility, flexibility, and durability. Its healthcare value cannot be stressed. With an emphasis on its benefits, manufacturing [...]

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Increasing Simulation-Based Trust in Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding

One of the primary mainstays in modern production, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding provides unparalleled adaptability to an extensive selection of sectors, including automotive and medical. Precision and dependability are essential for realizing their full potential, and comprehensive simulation techniques are helping to accomplish these attributes more and more. [...]

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How Do I Clean Silicone Straws?

Reusable silicone straws have grown into an essential part of the global movement to cut down on plastic waste. They provide an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic straws, a significant source of pollution in the environment. To maintain hygiene and increase the useful life of silicone straws, proper [...]

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How to Start A Silicone Product Business?

Great Potentials of Silicone Rubber Products The need for silicone products has gone up across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, and cookery, in today's dynamic business environment. Due to its excellent qualities, such as heat resistance, toughness, and flexibility, silicone is an essential component [...]

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What Are Silicone Extrusion?

What Are Silicone Extrusion? Silicone extrusion refers to the process of using an extruder to shape silicone material into various profiles, gaskets, seals and other complex designs. The extrusion method involves forcing a silicone compound through a specially designed die to create continuous lengths of the desired cross-section. [...]

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Revolutionize Your Silicone Parts with Liquid Injection Molding

Get custom-made molded silicone parts, gaskets, sheets, and rolls from NEWTOP Custom Silicone, using top-performing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials and processes. Our experience with liquid injection molding (LIM) means we select only the best LSRs for your components - which benefit from faster cure cycles and outstanding UV [...]