What is Silicone Tubing?

A tube typically serves as a medium providing versatile features from fluid transportation to other structural applications. It is a usually cylindrical shape, or square, round, rectangular cross-section. A tube may be flexible or rigid depending upon what the tube applies for.
As for silicone tube, as its name show is made of silicone. Through extrusion mold silicone into the tube, which owns flexibility, temperature resistance, and bio-compatibility. Many industries make a close tie with silicone it.

The Characteristics of Silicone Tubing

Silicone rubber is a new type of elastic polymer material that has excellent resistance to high temperatures (250-300 – c) and (- 40 to 60 c) in low-temperature resistance, good physical stability, and can withstand repeated harsh and sterilization conditions, excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ° C48 hours not greater than 50%), breakdown voltage for (20-2 5 kV/mm). It can also have ozone, ultraviolet resistance, and radiation resistance, and special silicone rubber has oil-resistant performance.

Custom Your Silicone Tubing

Wide applications of silicone tubing require different specifications of silicone tubing to maximize its performance in various industries. We can customize your silicone tubing according to your demands regarding hardness, color, size, shape, thickness, and pressure.

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Silicone Tubing In Daily Life

Silicone tubing in daily life goes viral because it won’t damage the human body. Food-grade silicone has more advantages than traditional materials. Elasticity, anti-deformation, high transparency, and tear resistance. Food-grade silicone tubing is mainly used for water dispensers, coffee machine diversion pipes, baby bottle straws, electrical instruments such as waterproof casing, and household appliance line protection.

Silicone Tubing In Medical Application

Medical silicone tubing has been widely and importantly used in life science, medical instruments, medicine, and other fields. Silicone tubing can not only meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials but also has the characteristics of heat resistance, cold resistance, non-toxic, biological aging resistance, minimal negative effect on human tissue, good physical and mechanical properties, and so on. It is becoming the most typical medical polymer material.