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Our well-equipped clean rooms are designed to manufacture bulk products particularly suited to food, medical, water, and beverage applications. We always provide high-quality silicone tubes at cheap price.

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What You Can Get From NEWTOP’s Custom Silicone Tubing?

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Healthy silicone material offers strong support for tubing to adapt to the environment.
• Temperature resistance. The tubing made of silicone can beat extreme temperatures up to 450°F. It also shows good performance in overcoming low temperatures.

• Prolong Service. Common tubing is difficult to endure heavy pressure or shock, silicone tubing can solve that problem.

• Hygienic & Sterile. It won’t boost the development of any bacteria, microorganisms, or mold.

• FDA approves the material. Silicone is an FDA-regulated material that guarantees safety when using it.

• Odorless, non-toxic, and inert. It won’t interact with what it carries, so it can safely be applied in water, beverage, food, etc.

• Anti-deform and anti-corrosion. Silicone is bio-compatible, flexible, and soft so that it can endure deforming, cracking, and chemical corrosion.

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Food Grade Silicone Tubing

Food-grade silicone is a long-lasting, inert, and durable material that serves as a healthier alternative to plastic for application in water, wine, food, and beverage applications. The lack of harmful substances like bisphenol(BPA) can prevent taste or odor from being imparted. NEWTOP Custom Silicone manufactures food-grade silicone tubing under stringent FDA regulations. If you are looking for a custom food-grade silicone tubing manufacturer, please contact us by Phone or Email now.

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Medical Grade Silicone Tubing

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Medical-grade silicone is widely used in medical devices and components due to its many desirable benefits, including versatility, bio-compatibility, and chemical endurance. We are a one-stop manufacturer and engineering supplier with over 15 years in the silicone industry. If you are looking for a custom medical-grade silicone tubing manufacturer, please contact us by Phone or Email now.

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As a silicone manufacturer, we are experts at manufacturing custom silicone products in various sizes, numbers, and colors. We have supported services for you since 2007. The services include:

• Excellent quality
• Reliable and long-time partner
• Competitive manufacturing cost
• High-automated manufacturing equipment
• Professional silicone technology and knowledge
• Comprehensive inspection control
• Value-added supporting
• Fast delivery

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Using your needs and specifications as a roadmap, we’ll design, engineer, and manufacture silicone tubes that match your vision. We welcome your question and our sales team will be happy to assist you with all of your custom silicone needs.

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