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We manufacture well-performed as well as customized size molded silicone tubing, food grade silicone tubing, medical grade silicone tubing, extreme temperature resistance silicone tubing, and more. Our silicone tubing shows excellent performance, flexibility as well as tolerance. We are so pleased to custom silicone tubing for global companies, suppliers, and consumers according to the nature of hardness, inside outside dia, thickness, length, color and bend radius.

Our well-equipped clean rooms are designed to manufacture bilk products particularly suited to food, medical, water, and beverage applications. We always provide high-quality silicone tubes at efficient costs.

    What You Can Get From NEWTOP’s Custom Silicone Tubing?

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    Healthy silicone material offers strong support for tubing to adapt to the environment.
    • Temperature resistance. The tubing made of silicone can beat extreme temperatures up to 450°F. It also shows good performance in overcoming low temperatures.

    • Prolong Service. Common tubing is difficult to endure heavy pressure or shock, silicone tubing can solve that problem.

    • Hygienic & Sterile. It won’t boost the development of any bacteria, microorganisms, or mold.

    • FDA approves the material. Silicone is an FDA-regulated material that guarantees safety when using it.

    • Odorless, non-toxic, and inert. It won’t interact with what it carries, so it can safely be applied in water, beverage, food, etc.

    • Anti-deform and anti-corrosion. Silicone is bio-compatible, flexible, and soft so that it can endure deforming, crack, and chemical corrosion.

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    Food Grade Silicone Tubing

    Food-grade silicone is a long-lasting, inert, and durable material that serves as a healthier alternative to plastic for application in water, wine, food, and beverage applications. The lack of harmful substances like bisphenol(BPA) can prevent taste or odor from being imparted. NEWTOP Custom Silicone manufactures food-grade silicone tubing under stringent FDA regulations. If you are looking for a custom food-grade silicone tubing manufacturer, please contact us by Phone or Email now.

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    Medical Grade Silicone Tubing

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    Medical-grade silicone is widely used in medical devices and components due to its many desirable benefits, including versatility, bio-compatibility, and chemical endurance. We are a one-stop manufacturer and engineering supplier with over 15 years in the silicone industry. If you are looking for a custom medical-grade silicone tubing manufacturer, please contact us by Phone or Email now.

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    What High-Temperature Silicone Tubing Applications?

    High-temperature silicone tubing also named silicone heater tubing, which can work in a wide range of temperatures. High-temperature silicone tubing typically does well at temperatures between -65 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Some specific tubing can even work at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicone tubing is widely applied in different fields.

    I. Aerospace

    Aircraft engines often operate at high operating temperatures for a long time. The components in the aircraft planes need to be made of materials that can endure extreme heat. High-temperature silicone tubing can often be found in these engines. Life expectancy is an important consideration in the aero-engine design, often making high-temperature-temperature silicone tubing the product of choice.


    Some high-performance cars and vehicles have stringent requirements for parts. These vehicles often use high-temperature silicone tubing that can withstand high temperatures and pressure. These silicone tubing can also be a channel to flow liquid from one part to another part. What’s more, silicone tubing is weather-resistant, which means it can work in bad weather.


    The industrial environment will be tough and harsh for those devices manufacturing products. Some parts of these devices contain a pipe channel through liquid, gas, or even chemical substance, so this requires the pipe can withstand extreme temperature, steam, moisture, etc. High-temperature silicone tubing can work well in this harsh environment.

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    Flexible Silicone Tube


    Custom Silicone Tube


    Extruded Silicone Tube

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    Transparent Silicone Tube


    Silicone Tubing Manufacturing Process

    Silicone tubing can be manufactured in a wide range of technologies, but the most widely used one is Silicone Extrusion. Silicone Extrusion is a process that manufactures the raw material into practical tubing with a mold. The process begins with the collection of raw silicone in a hopper suspended above the delivery channel. There is a long shear screw in the conveying channel. When the rubber is placed into the delivery channel, it is forced down the channel by the work of a screw. As the screw turns, silicone rubber is heated and pressurized. Once molten, silicone can be extruded. At the end of the delivery, the channel is an extrusion die, a sheet of metal with a special hose shape.

    When silicone rubber is pressed through the mold, it will finally be the shape of the mold. The silicone rubber will become a new extruded silicone tubing when it appears on another side of the mold. The extruded silicone tubing still needs to heal and cool and quality control.

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    How To Clean &Sterilize Silicone Tubing?

    The tubing made from silicone is well-performed in UV and heat resistance. Silicone tubing is also very easy to clean and sterilize, thus it is widely popular in the food industry and medical industries. How to clean and sterilize silicone tubing?

    If you are using silicone tubing in a food product processing environment—in food process facilities, it is very vital to clean the silicone tubing regularly. Silicone tubing is very available for homemade equipment because you can boil it to clean the goo that had existed inside the hose. It should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockages and foul odor.

    If you are using silicone tubing in the automotive industry, cleaning is a regular step.

    The easiest way to clean the silicone tubing is: to use hot soapy water to clean the inside of the tubing. As for the temperature of soap water, there is no strict requirement for silicone tubing to be heat-resistant. We should keep in mind that we should avoid using WD40 and petroleum-based cleaning products. Some cleaning products may react with silicone further damaging its structure and functions.

    How to sterilize the silicone tubing? There are several ways:

    (1) Gamma irradiation. But this sterilizing method can change the structure of silicone as well as silicone become easier to knot

    (2) Electron beam irradiation;

    (3) Ethylene oxide is another effective sterilization method for most organosilicon materials. But this method has a drawback that is silicone will absorb ethylene oxide, so you need to remove the substance before using silicone tubing.

    Custom For Your Silicone Tube

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    As a silicone manufacturer, we are experts at manufacturing custom silicone products in various sizes, numbers, and colors. We have supported services for you since 2007. The services include:

    • Excellent quality
    • Reliable and long-time partner
    • Competitive manufacturing cost
    • High-automated manufacturing equipment
    • Professional silicone technology and knowledge
    • Comprehensive inspection control
    • Value-added supporting
    • Fast delivery

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