Where Are The Application of Silicone Tube located in the era of 5G communication?

Silicone tube is made of environmentally friendly silicone raw materials using scientific production technology, with the cha ultra-high and low hardness of the rubber, functional rubber, and other characteristics of the production of silicone tube, this product has a wide range of adaptability. The base station silicone tube and silicone-shaped tube strip using the platinum vulcanization process have the advantages of tasteless, unchanged yellow, no spray frost, and so on.

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The base station silicone rubber tube is made of molded silicone rubber, with high stability, good quality, and high-temperature resistance of up to 200. By scientific formula, and advanced technology processing, the product has the characteristics of softness, high-temperature resistance, and stability. Nowadays, silicone tube has gradually replaced a lot of plastic tube products and become one of the main materials of choice in all walks of life.

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In the field of 5G communication, there are not only silicone tubes, but also a lot of silicone rubber products, such as thermal conductive silicone sheets, silicone gaskets, silicone seals, etc. But silicone extrusion molding still occupies a much larger proportion of the silicone market. The reason why silicone tubes can be unique in the field of communication is due to their good performance characteristics. Sealing, electrical breakdown resistance, insulation, environmental protection, and high elasticity. The silicone tube can meet a variety of harsh requirements, which lays its position is unshakeable, and the silicone tube in the field of 5G communication, mainly used in communication transmission pipelines and communication terminal processing, etc. In the communication of different areas, silicone tubes will also have different embodiment. The main positions are as follows:

First, Heat dissipation of communication equipment. In the communication receiving the set-top box, there are many similarities to the CPU processor like electronic components, and this CPU, is the core component of processing communication signals, these products will generate heat at high-speed operation, so it is easy to damage the set-top box because of high temperature,   and even serious can cause fire, at this time you need to use the heat conduction characteristics of silicone heat conductive film. Excellent high and low-temperature resistance will guide and eliminate the heat generated by the CPU so that the CPU is in an acceptable temperature range during operation. The positioning of the thermally conductive silicone sheet in this respect is to deal with the heat generated by the CPU in the communication set-top box so that it can achieve long-term stable work.

Second, 5G communication equipment shielding has stricter requirements for silicone hoses. In the process of silicone e