What is A Silicone Tattoo Skin

Silicone tattoo skin is a necessary tool for newcomers or people who are interested in the tattoo. The material of silicone tattoo skin, as its name shows, is liquid silicone or solid silicone. The choice of silicone in most cases is in line with the molding technologies. Silicone is a bio-inertia material, with soft, flexible, and endurable characteristics.

Silicone Tattoo Skin & Rubber Tattoo Skin

Silicone tattoo skin and rubber tattoo skin are the two main tattoo skin on the market now. Silicone tattoo skin is more popular.
I. Silicone tattoo skin is flexible and easy to use.
II. Silicone tattoo skin is skin-like quality. Silicone tattoo skin has a better skin-like touch feeling.
III. Non-toxic and tasteless. Silicone tattoo skin is made of BPA-free silicone. It is odorless and tasteless. Rubber tattoo skin usually releases a pungent smell.
IV. Wide applications. The silicone tattoo skin practice is perfect for tattooing, micro-blading practice, or eyebrow practice.

Custom Your Silicone Skin for Tattoo Practice

Material: BPA-free liquid silicone, solid silicone, or medical grade silicone as per your requirement.

Thickness: 2mm/3mm/Customized

Color: Yellow/ Carnation/customized colors



OEM/ODM: Accept

Package: customize as per your requirement

We also provide value-added services to maximum improve end customers’ satisfaction.

 Silicone Tattoo Practice Skin Manufacturer

•Professional designers for consumers’ requirements

•Senior teams with 16 years of industry experience.

• Multiple manufacturing departments.

• Technical engineers, with fast quoating、molding, and manufacturing.

•Individual molding center, with abundant-experienced molding designers.

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