Silicone Earbud Tips

Silicone earbud tips are noise-proof, waterproof protective silicone products. Silicone earbud tips are protection product that needs to be worn when working in a noisy environment. The sealing characteristics of silicone are typically used to design the structure of human ears, which effectively protect the eardrum from noise damage, and reduce the interference of noise on people’s work and behavior.

Custom LSR Earbud Tips

Silicone earbud tips are popular among some electronic products. Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) is mainly made of silicone earbud tips. How is silicone made? Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) is a kind of non-toxic, heat resistant, high resilience, and flexible thermosetting transparent material. Two-component liquid silicone rubber with high transparency, high strength, and tear resistance is suitable for the injection molding process. For its nature, liquid silicone rubber is widely used in manufacturing earbud tips. NEWTOP provide customization service for many global companies and suppliers. The diversity of colors highlights the personality, allowing consumers to choose more colors of earplug sets, which meets the needs of consumers.

The Advantages of Silicone Earbud Tips

custom silicone tips for earbud

Silicone earbud tips are designed for swimming, noise protection, sleeping, etc. There are many advantages you deserve to custom silicone earbud tips.
(1) Top-quality liquid silicone rubber, non-toxic
(2) Stringent certification approved, including FDA, CE, UL, etc.
(3) Comfortable to wear
(4) Easy to clean and use.
(5) Durability
(6) Moisture and waterproof
(7) Anti-tear and deform resistance
(8) The main strength: environment friendly

Why Choose NEWTOP for Your Partner?

NEWTOP is a China-based silicone manufacturing company with over 15-year-old experience. We constantly introduce the international advanced technology and management level and strive to improve the processing technology and enhance the market competitiveness. If you are looking for a silicone manufacturer for boosting your project, NEWTOP is very pleased to help you as per your requirements.

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