Custom Silicone Consumer Electronic Accessories Supplier

NEWTOP is an experienced silicone consumer electronic accessories supplier providing OEM/ODM manufacturing services for companies focused on electronic accessories or various cover cases. We are a silicone molding technical and manufacturing support provider across the home and abroad.
Our services will start from design&prototype to product delivery. The silicone consumer electronic accessories that we made include silicone air-pod covers, silicone phone cases, silicone key covers, silicone remote control covers, silicone PS4 controller cases, silicone cover sleeves, etc.

Custom Silicone Consumer Electronic Accessories

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silicone air-pod case

Custom Silicone Air-pod Case

The traditional air-pod cover is prone to deform and crack, however, a silicone air-pod cover can serve for a long time. The FDA-approved silicone air-pod cover not only has a good anti-fall and shock absorption effect but also can be designed into different colors and shapes according to consumers’ preferences. The environment-friendly material won’t hurt people and the environment. NEWTOP is a silicone manufacturer and supplier supporting customization, please contact us for realizing your idea.