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What is Liquid Injection Molding?

Silicone injection molding is not only a cost-effective but also a reliable manufacturing process that produces high-quality parts from a variety of silicone materials. It offers several advantages such as faster cycle times, greater design freedom, and improved part quality. Equally important is its role in environmental sustainability since there is little waste generated during its process.

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding is a thermosetting process involving two mixed substances. This results in a two-component material, which is heat-treated using a mold conductor and mold to form a finished product. LSR molding components are obtained from Parts A and B, which are typically mixed in equal proportions, and the pigment is added during the blending process before treatment.

silicone rubber manufacturing

The process begins with melting and injecting the silicone material into a pre-formed mold. A mechanical injection unit moves material through a heated barrel into a mold cavity. Elevated temperatures and molding pressures of the liquid silicone shot molding process enhance the cure. As the material cools and hardens, it adopts the shape of the mold, providing accurate reproductions every time. Once the molded object is completed, excess material can be removed. Through additional refinement steps such as machining and polishing, final touches can be added.