Silicones for LED applications are driving the evolution of LEDs.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) consume less energy, are long-lasting, and are eco-friendly. As they have become higher in brightness, LED’s generate high heat, meaning thermal management is critical to allow LED systems to operate at full capacity.

Silicone excels at high temperatures and provides excellent sealing properties for LED lighting that are exposed to outdoor conditions. Due to silicones’ extreme temperature resistance, chemical stability and low compression set, it is the material of choice in many LED lighting applications as it performs comfortably with high heat generated from the diodes.

Silicone also has excellent environmental resistance allowing for use in outdoor applications where protection from weathering is critical for performance.


Newtop manufacture thermal pads, gaskets and grommets to the LED lighting industry. Also We manufacture custom converted silicone parts for the long-term performance of LED lighting applications.

Thermal Interference Materials (TIMs) are vital components in LED lights. TIMs help preserve LEDs by managing the heat produced by the diodes. Newtop provides custom die-cut, thermally conductive materials which are utilized over greases and liquid adhesives due to the ease of handling and optimal performance.

Outdoor LED light enclosure gaskets are required to seal out water, wind and dust. Newtop utilizes materials that stand up to the requirements of high performance, long-term compression and weatherability. Pressure sensitive adhesives are available on our component gaskets and die-cuts for easy placement.

How Can Silicone Be Used in LED Lighting?

Protection & Isolation

The products or parts customized by silicone material can to the maximum extent achieve the functions of protecting from environmental pressure and extreme temperature and corrosion.

Seals & Gaskets

Silicone provides high compression and ductility ability making it a ideal option for producing as seals and gaskets.

Thermal insulation

It work well for perfectly isolating thermal, shock and noise acting as dampener, or insulator.

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