Industrial Silicone Rubber Parts

We produce industrial silicone products which can be customized. Technically, we support technologies such as Compression Molding, solid injection molding, and liquid Injection Molding to meet customer needs. General industrial silicone rubber products are mostly waterproof, oil-proof and dust-proof gaskets. We can provide relevant production experience and assist customers in selecting materials and designing parts. In addition to gasket products, we have considerable experience in manufacturing heat-resistant gaskets or silicone suction cups.

Commonly used in rubber industrial parts, as follows:

  • Waterproof gasket
  • Oil proof gasket
  • Dust proof cover
  • Insulation pads
  • Anti-vibration pads

If you want to know more about the product cases of solid and liquid injection molding, you can continue to browse the products.

Silicone Rubber Combined With Metal

Offering wide range of customer-specific requirements made of silicone components combined with metal such as steel, aluminum, brass and other metals. For example, crash pad uses silicone to protect the parts from impact damage, metal parts can avoid deformation. Our products with silicone metal bonding are heat and UV-resistant.

For example is a vacuum silicone suction cup, silicone combined with copper pillars tightly can make suction cup have good air tightness.

Other products like dust cover for machines, silicone rubber combined with iron, has both hardness and good air tightness. Either symmetrical or non-symmetrical design, we have extensive experience in production when silicone and metal molded without damaging the metal.

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Thermal Insulator Pad

Silicone is one of the heat insulation materials and it has weather resistance, heat insulation. It is usually used as thermal insulation materials for electronic products, industrial metals, medical instruments, and daily necessities. Silicone thermal insulation pads are used in daily necessities, such as silicone coasters and silicone potholder.

The heat insulation pad in the picture is the heat insulation pad of the LED roadway lamp. Its size is about Φ 100mm and its thickness is 5mm. It isolates the heat generated by the LED and prevents heat affect the host. Additionally, it is more suitable for outdoor use, such as camera also used silicone pad to isolate the effect of temperature. We can customized silicone pads including shape, size and color.

Silicone Industrial Plug

Compression molding or injection molding process can manufacture silicone rubber plugs, which are able to withstand high temperatures. The waterproof plugs are made of silicone or rubber commonly. The advantages are as follows:

» Cost saving

» Deformation resistance

» Extreme condition endurability

» Leakproofness

Newtop provides experience in the production of silicone plugs, such as silicone wine cork and dust plugs. We can assist our customers in developing appropriate waterproofing mechanisms and choosing the appropriate silicone materials to complete the product.

Silicone Handle

Silicone Handle

According to the product function, different material parts combined with silicone rubber to produce various style handles. Silicone has elasticity, which can not only reduce the discomfort of lifting, but also increase the strength of the handle.

Common style of handle is silicone combined with plastic buckle or plastic strips. It is used to suitcases, briefcases and luggage, and so on. Another style of handle is silicone combined with metal, which used to industrial case or electronics applications. To avoid user burn by metal handle, silicone combined with metal, which can prevent heating by metal handle. Compression molding or injection molding can form the handle. In this example, we use compression molding. Whatever both of molding, the key point in molding process is that the metal without damaged, and the silicone is tightly bonded to the metal.

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