Silicone rubber has played a key role in advancements in computer technology, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and power distribution.

This advanced synthetic rubber can be used to bond and encapsulate everything from microprocessors to semiconductors. Silicones help electronic components remain protected from extreme heat, moisture, salt, corrosion and contamination and prevent movement in computers, appliances, cars and airplanes. Without silicones many technological and electronic innovations in electronic devices, components, assemblies and systems would not be possible


  • Assemblies
  • Consumer electronic devices
  • Battery covers
  • Thermal Management

Why Use Silicone in Electronics?

silicone electronic parts manufacturer

» Flexible and durable

» Anti-corrosive

» Temperature resistance


» Premium quality

» High adhesiveness

» UV, chemical resistance

» Long service life

LSR Sealed Electric Connectors
Electric power connectors require good seals to properly protect the wiring. The compression set of the sealed connector is also critical, and can prevent problems and disruptions in the assembly process. LSR offers the physical properties needed. There are a variety of seals serving critical function used throughout the vehicle, including:

  • Rings or Peripheral Seals
  • Single Wire Cable Seals or Cavity Plugs
  • Mat Seals (also referred to as end seals or grommets)
LSR Sealed Electric Connectors

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