Custom Silicone Consumer Products

We are a silicone consumer products manufacturer who truly understands the importance of speed to the consumer market. we are able to offer favorable lead times. In most cases, we have the production molds in hand within 15 days.

Our unique full service model will save you both time and effort. We will assemble your product components and add any necessary coatings or adhesives in post-production. Then, we will thoroughly inspect your finished product and place it in custom retail packaging.

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Food Grade Silicone Molding

Food-grade silicone must meet rigorous safety standards for direct use with food. Newtop Factory passed the FDA certificate and we are experienced in the regulatory requirements for food-use applications.

Electronics Overmolding For Demanding Applications

Electronics component overmolding is an encapsulation process that ensures protection against harsh environments and demanding working conditions.

Today’s high-tech consumer products require a highly skilled manufacturer with vast knowledge of materials to take on more complex designs.

Electronics overmolding safely encapsulates delicate electronics, protecting them against fluids, extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and more.

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Silicone Injection Molder of Consumer Products In China

silicone bum brush
silicone ice tray
storage pacifier bag
silicone feeding set

As one matured silicone molder operating in China, NEWTOP has gained its own technical skills and experience in the Silicone Injection Molding.