LSR for Automotive Applications

Liquid silicone rubber(LSR) delivers the strength, temperature resistance, and durability needed under the bonnet and helps provide cushioning, load bearing and protective shock absorption qualities to automotive interiors.

Applications for silicone materials within automotive application continue to expand due to their versatile nature and physical properties. For example, they can remain elastic at high temperatures, provide protection from harsh environments.

They can be used under the bonnet, on the drive train, in the cabin and on the bodywork in both conventional and electric & hybrid vehicles of all types.

Automotive silicone parts
  • More efficient heat dissipation
  • Increases in thermal conductivity
  • Electrical insulation
  • Protection from moisture and chemicals
  • Protection from thermal stress, vibration and mechanical shock

Within the design of electric vehicles, silicones are providing engineering and manufacturing solutions for use in charging units, inverters, electric motors, battery packs, wiring, connectors, sensors, displays and control units.

Silicones for Electric Vehicles

Silicone chemistry is widely used within current automotive applications due to its inherent physical properties including, a wide operating temperature range, electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, low coefficient of thermal expansion and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Advances in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle design continue to reduce component size and increase power output, resulting in an ever-increasing demand for greater protection and better heat dissipation to maintain performance and life span.

Why Choose LSR Molded Parts for Automotive?

LSR for Automotive Sealing & Protection

Silicone Injection Molding automotive parts delivers the strength, resistance and durability required for reliable automotive applications.

Automotive manufacturers rely heavily on the quality and performance of rubber materials and, with increasing heat present in new vehicles, silicone rubber comes into its own, offering the perfect solution.

Rubber bellow for mirror setting

Silicone Rubber Bellow


Seals for Gear Housing


Frame Sealing


Block Sealing

newtop Silicone O-rings

Silicone Bands


Seals for Labelling

heating gasket

Heating Gasket


Silicone Bellow for Filter


Electric wiring and electronic sensors all need watertight seals that last for the lifetime of the vehicle. These parts must be able to withstand a wide range of cold-to-hot temperatures without detriment to the part’s physical properties. In some cases, LSR parts such as these can be over-molded directly onto other components within the assembly avoiding displacement of the seal (“roll-over”) thereby creating a superior seal while eliminating assembly steps and time. From single-wire seals to  mat seals, and housing seals to individual inner grommets, these parts are vital to the proper functioning of any vehicle.

LSR Sealed Sensor Housings & Sealed Electronic Connector Housings

Multi-Component LSR Integrated With Metal/Plastic/LSR

Multi-Component LSR Integrated With Metal/Plastic/LSRLiquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), 2-Shot (LSR/Thermoplastic) and LSR over-molding processes allow for the integration of multiple parts and materials into one component, thereby minimizing or eliminating additional assembly and quality assurance costs. With the LSR 2-Shot process, LSR is molded directly onto a thermoplastic component in the same mold that the plastic component was produced; primer is not required. In the case of the over-molding process, the substrate, whether it be metal or plastic, is placed in the LSR mold where it is then over-molded with LSR.

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