Silicone products will age because of high-temperature cracking, and will lose performance because of solvent oil expansion! Any product will be aging, just the length of time. Silicone products have excellent anti-aging performance, in general, silicone products can remain for more than a decade of service life.

In different environments, service life is different. At the same time, different parameters cause the life of silicone products with different formulations is different. The performance of various silicone in some environments can be as long as several decades, in industrial manufacturing long-term operation, the use of some silicone parts can exert their functions between three to five years, in a high concentration of oxygen, ozone, and other conditions, silicone can hold long service life.

Now silicone products have been very common in our life, popular with fashionable and lovely silicone mobile phone covers and a variety of cool silicone parts, daily silicone ice mold, silicone gaskets, silicone tubing, and silicone plug and cap, all of them can be said to have entered into all aspects of our lives.

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Silicone Rubber because of its excellent properties in all aspects. But aging without breaking is a common issue, so what happens? How to avoid it?

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(1)The effect of Oxygen

Oxygen and silicone molecules oxidize, so the molecular chain fracture or over crosslinking, thus reducing the performance of silicone. This is one of the important reasons for the aging of silicone products.

(2) The effect of Heat

Temperature can cause silicone molecular cracking or crosslinking, but also increase the oxygen diffusion rate, thus catalyzing oxidation.

(3) The effect of Light

The shorter the wave, the more energetic it is, especially ultraviolet light. Its effect on silicone is similar to heat, with the slight difference that light acts mainly on the surface of the silicone.

(4) Other Effects

There are also ozone, mechanical stress, high-energy radiation, and biological effects.

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