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I believe you have more or less heard of silicone tubing, not only in the industrial field as a widely used catheter but in our daily life, the use of silicone tubing is also very high frequent. Silicone tubing can circulate liquids, and gases or coat other materials. Widely used in medical, food, and industrial, such as medical equipment, drinking water equipment, sports equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, audio, toys, security monitoring, automobile, industrial machinery, and equipment. The hose in our water dispenser is a silicone tube, which can isolate the bacteria and make the users drink safe and healthy water. This is mainly because the silicone tube has good tolerance, high and low-temperature resistance, and can be used in a very harsh environment; The silicone tubing is non-toxic, tasteless, non-adhesive to other materials, and can withstand multiple steaming and disinfection, which to a large extent ensures the normal use of the water dispenser. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the application and manufacturing process of silicone tubing is gradually refined and divided into a variety of types. Different kinds of silicone tubing play different roles and play their respective roles in their respective fields. How to divide the grade standard of silicone tubing? According to the use of the environment, production materials, and quality requirements are divided into different grades, common silicone tubing includes medical silicone tubing, food-grade silicone tubing, industrial silicone tubing, and special silicone tubing.

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Medical Silicone Tubing

Medical silicone tubing is mainly used in medical instruments and accessories, medical catheters, drainage tubes, blood transfusion tubes, all kinds of catheters, silicone stoppers/bands, peristaltic pump silicone tubes, and so on. A bacteriostatic design is adopted to ensure safety. Medical silicone tubing is a very important medical material, for quality control is very strict, safety level requirements are high, all use imported silicone rubber material, the minimum inner diameter can be 0.4 mm, with a high degree of transparency, cold and high-temperature resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, UV resistance, anti kinking and deformation, safety and stability, etc. 

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Some can even be directly or indirectly implanted into the human body through biocompatibility. The medical silicone tube is non-toxic and odorless, resistant to biological aging, and short-term indwelling in the body, and plays a role in fluid replenishment, rescue, drainage and injection, and anti-adhesion. Due to its special properties, especially its excellent biocompatibility and bioinertia, silicone rubber has little reaction to human tissues, will not cause body reaction after implantation in human tissues, and will not cause inflammation to surround tissues, so it has been applied more and more in the field of medical devices.

Food Grade Silicone Tubing

food grade silicone tubing