What Are Silicone Gaskets? 

Silicone gaskets are mechanical seals used to prevent leakage between two engaging surfaces. They are commonly used in industrial, automotive, and home applications. Silicone gaskets are made by molding or extruding silicone rubber into the desired specific shape or profile.
Molding involves heating the raw silicone material (usually in granular or liquid form) in a mold cavity to shape and cure it into the desired shape.

The process can be either compression molding or injection molding, depending on the size and complexity of the spacers required. Extrusion involves forcing silicone material through a mold or series of molds to shape and cure into the desired profile. Extrusion processes are suitable for creating complex shapes that would be difficult to achieve using traditional molding techniques. Once the silicone rubber has been formed or extruded, the gasket is usually trimmed to the desired size and shape using a lathe or cutter. Additional treatments, such as surface coatings or adhesives, can also be added to enhance the performance of silicone gaskets in different environments.

The Common Silicone Molding Ways of Silicone Gasket

Injection Molding