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Due to the excellent properties of silicone tubing and the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, in recent years, silicone tubing get more wide applications.

Silicone tubing is also widely used in medical support. Generally speaking, ordinary food-grade silicone tubing will slowly turn yellow after a period of use, and physiological inertia will be weakened under long-term use. In terms of medical treatment, the requirements for silicone tubing are very strict and must ensure that it will not hurt the human body. So the general food-grade silicone tube is far from reaching this requirement.

Medical silicone tubing belongs to platinum vulcanization, using imported gas phase adhesive as raw material and forming vulcanization agents at high temperatures rapid vulcanization. The medical silicone tubing produced in this way typically has the characteristics of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless, high transparency, yellow resistance, long service life, excellent physiological inertia, aging resistance, and so on. With an inner diameter of at least 0.3mm, it passes the biocompatibility test rigorously. There will be no adverse reactions after implantation. So it is more and more widely used in medical care.

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What Are The Benefits of Silicone Tubing?

• High transparency, high hygiene level, environmental protection, efficient and odorless, can be high-temperature disinfection and autoclave sterilization;

• Medical silicone tubing has good physiological inertia and will not cause harm to human tissues. It will not cause body reaction after entering human tissues, and will not cause inflammation to surround tissues;

• High tensile strength, high tear resistance, low shrinkage, good resilience;

• Strong resistance to high and low temperatures, no deformation at high temperatures, no decomposition of harmful substances, physiological inertia, strong resistance to biological aging;

• High sanitation and environmental protection level, and get the approval of FDA, LFGB;

What Is The Difference Between Pharmaceutical Silicone Tubing and Medical Silicone Tubing?

Pharmaceutical silicone tubing and medical silicone tubing belong to the sanitary hose. The hose must meet the sanitary standard, without containing plasticizers and other harmful substances that do not have an impact on the transmission medium. The transparent hose can see the flow of the medium, with chemical inertia, and will not produce chemical reactions with the conveying medium; Hygienic silicone tubing has good high-temperature and low-temperature resistance. It is usually used as a connecting hose for some medical equipment or as a conveying hose for pharmaceutical liquid, powder, and chemical reaction reagents, as well as vacuum weighing, high-end laboratory, human surgery, and other industries.

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Pharmaceutical silicone tubing and medical silicone tubing in addition to the quality, grade, and other aspects have great similarities, but there are a lot of differences. These differences are mainly reflected in the hose’s different use requirements and use conditions. Medical silicone tubing is mainly used for connection between medical equipment, or direct contact with the human body, mainly using small diameter transparent silicone hose or single layer braid silicone tubing, this kind of hose needs to meet the requirements of medical grade, can not contain harmful substances or react with the human body.