At NEWTOP, we cooperate with you in the initial step of the project to deeply understand your requirements. This allows us to offer a customized solution that maximum follows your functional and performance goals. When you need complex LSR parts that need various materials, which asks us to comprehensively evaluate the best choice.

How Does NEWTOP Determine the Best Option?

Professional Engineer and Precise Measurement Tool

Since our foundation in 2007, we are growing with technological innovation. Our LSR parts& products we made had widely exported to more than 20 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Russia. Matured experience in silicone manufacturing parts makes us always make satisfying ideas for you.
We still introduce a precise tool to evaluate your project with the base of material, performance, and other factors to analyze the manufacturing plan.

Manufacturing Option for LSR Components

LSR Injection Molding

LSR(Liquid silicone rubber) Injection Molding makes the components easy to process and mass molding maintains the quality and increases productivity. LSR(Liquid silicone rubber) injection molding processes can be used to efficiently manufacture silicone parts or assemblies that must withstand extreme conditions. At the same time, LSR(Liquid silicone rubber) Injection Molding is widely applied in several industries.

I. Silicone Medical Supplies
Liquid silicone products because of their excellent physical properties and excellent chemical and heat resistance have been widely going into the medical industry. In addition, medical-grade liquid silicone has many advantages, such as biocompatibility, easy sterilization, and transparency. And the material feels soft on the skin, making it an obvious choice for medical devices that come in contact with the body. We manufacture a wide range of products for the medical industry, for example, silicone valves and silicone o-rings.
II.Silicone Automotive Supplies
The LSR features durability, tensile strength, high heat stability, fatigue resistance, and tear resistance, making it an excellent choice for components used under automotive hoods. LSR can also be molded directly into plastic or metal parts. Liquid silicone rubber for a wide variety of individual parts, including O-rings, buttons, assemblies, gaskets, and wiring harness assemblies.
III.Silicone 3C Electronic Products
Precision micro-injection characteristics make more and more in recent years waterproofing and sealing manufacturing of electronic 3C products adopts LSR injection molding technology, with cold runner design and reasonable runner distribution to produce precision electronic silicone products.

silicone manufacturing parts

Molded silicone products are usually manufactured through high-temperature mold machines following the solid silicone raw material added vulcanizing agent through the vulcanizing machine pressure, high-temperature vulcanization into solid molding, the hardness of molded silicone is usually in 30°C-70°C. Raw material with color paste according to Pantone color card to adjust the color, mold shape determines the shape of molded silicone products, silicone parts&products molded by silicone compression molding are the most widely used ones in the silicone industry. This technology is often applied to make silicone industrial accessories.

Partner with You for Mutual Benefit and Learning

We focus on the manufacture of liquid silicone products and have mastered the production of high-quality LSR parts and LSR coated components. Our expertise in this area enables us to complete the entire customization process according to your needs, whether it is mold design and processing, product injection molding, or packaging.