The process of automobile digitization, intelligence, and network connection promotes the prosperity of motor vehicle electronic products but also puts forward more stringent requirements for the selection of materials. Motor vehicles need to be equipped with more wiring harnesses and sensors, vibration, heat and another extreme environments inside the car also bring new tests to the service life of electronic products. In addition, consumers pay more attention to the comfort and safety of motor vehicle driving and riding. Vibration and noise reduction, anti-fatigue and sheathing design, intelligent car lights, and other humanized designs are being more and more considered.

In the running of the car, the various parts of the car should work together, and the various parts should cooperate closely, and the cooperation of the various parts of the car, the car connector has played a very important role. Connectors have always been valued by engineers in the automobile industry, whether it is a traditional automobile or a new energy automobile. In some traffic accident analyses, it has been found that many traffic accidents are caused by connector failure. The design requirements of automobile connectors are generally divided into the following points:

• The connector contact material is stable and reliable;

• Stable positive force;

• The voltage and current of the connector connecting the circuit are stable;

• The temperature should be within the specified range, including the surrounding temperature and its temperature rise;

• Good robustness. The car connector must be able to work reliably under harsh conditions;

• The connectors must be the same as those used in high-speed and long-distance communication computers;

• Connector insertion force: below 20.5kg;

• Connector holding force: more than 2.5kg;

• Temperature adaptability: -40~120℃.

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For the use of car connectors, to ensure that the car can run better, we can divide the reliability of the connector into the closure of the connector in use, the performance of the car in the running of the fire flower, in addition, in the running of the car, the connector can also show the shielding performance and the temperature control performance.

In general, when discussing the sealing property of the car connector, the sealing property of the car is not only for the water. In this field, IP67 is now the most popular management standard in the world, and this standard is also the highest level in the automobile closed industry. Although the waterproof requirements are different in different parts of the car, many car manufacturers will choose IP67 to ensure the airtight performance of their car connectors.

In the running of the car, the power supply is a very important energy source, not only related to the normal operation of the engine, and people in the process of driving, but also often involved in the use of the power supply. Therefore, in the automobile power system, the automobile connector has different divisions, between the male connector and the device, between the male connector and the cable, between the male connector and the female connector, and between the female connector and the cable there are certain closure measures can be implemented.

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A seal is a common tool in the realization of the sealing performance of the automobile connector. Many materials can be used to make a seal, while silicone rubber is typically the first choice. Silicone seals can achieve a fixed effect between different hole positions and the sealing effect. It can ensure the stable operation of automobile equipment an