Since 2002, the world’s major regions of the automobile industry gradually rise, and the number of cars the increasing, which also means that the automobile industry in a variety of parts, repair, and maintenance in the proper further advantages, the application of silicone products in the automobile industry skyrocketed, and with the deterioration of the environment, more enterprises choose natural synthetic silicone to replace plastic products, such as auto parts, pipes and so on. So in the next few decades, synthetic silicone will occupy the field of auto parts and will be worth our attention.

In the automobile field from 2017 to 2020 statistics, the average demand for natural silicone rubber in a car is 120 kg/ car, which is only for silicone products. The average consumption of polyurethane glue, acrylic ester, and anaerobic glue on the car adhesive can reach 280G. For the automobile natural silicone products industry in 2020, the nationwide application can be up to 5579 tons, and the total vehicle has nearly risen to nearly 300 million. In the face of large and small auto parts, so silicone products manufacturers are conscientious in the design of auto parts. Why silicone rubber is chosen for auto parts and products? This is because silicone products have unique properties and advantages enough to replace other products!

Faced with the huge demand in the automotive field, silicone products manufacturers for automotive sealing products, shock absorption products, and other auto silicone parts have exquisite production technologies, now auto parts for the appearance and performance of the product have higher requirements, so now manufacturers will deliberately to make the material of the product has the corresponding requirements. For example, the hardness and elasticity of the above requirements are relatively high, so the selection of material will look for reasonable raw materials and curing agents, the production process of mo