The automotive industry is one of the most advanced and innovative production sectors in the country and abroad. It relies on injection-molded silicone rubber parts to improve safety, efficiency, and utility, reduce environmental damage and move in a new direction of development.
That’s why engineers at major automotive companies are turning to NEWTOP to solve their current difficult challenges – complicated design, appropriate material selection, cost-effective molding technologies, and more. As a result of stricter environmental regulations, switching from plastic to silicone is a proven solution to lower costs and reduce fuel consumption.

Why are NEWTOP Silicone Automotive Solutions the first choice for global automotive companies?

NEWTOP has worked closely with the automotive industry for 15 years to improve durability and consistency from the start. We always stick to making automotive seals from silicone rubber to replace plastic and cork. This method has become a top solution and industry standard and has been consistently developed to meet the latest requirements. Silicone rubber is lighter, safer, and stronger than consumes less energy, and reduces pollution.

Silicone applications for the automotive industry

silicone automotive parts

Here are some representative automotive parts where high-quality silicone is used to enhance performance:

Battery module