Silicone molded products can be used for numerous purposes in commercial, military, and industrial applications.

Automotive industry uses silicone rubber o rings, glass and window gaskets, exhaust hose, windshield water subsystem, radiator subsystems.

Food and Dairy industry uses molded silicone components for sealing, baking trays, fluid transfer, utensil parts to just name a few.

Construction industry uses for door and windows gaskets, garage door seals, electrical housing seals.

Custom Molded Silicone Products

NEWTOP Custom silicone is a leading manufacturer of silicone molded products. We produce molded silicone parts through in-house injection molding, autoclave curing presses, compression molding, and transfer molding.

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Custom Molded Silicone Parts & Products From Leading Silicone Manufacturer China

At NTETOP, we choose liquid silicone rubber(LSR) for designing and manufacturing custom silicone molded parts and products for a wide range of applications. If you’re choosing a manufacturer or provider to custom high volume production while offering comprehensive services from prototype and delivery, we are your reliable one.

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Our Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) Injection Molding Capabilities

silicone injection molding NEWTOP Custom Silicone has been producing precision LSR components using liquid injection molding. LSR  injection molding nowadays is the trend of manufacturing accurate and high-precision parts.