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Custom Silicone Products Manufacturer

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Newtop is a passionate team of Engineers with decades of experience designing products and successfully navigating the details of product compliance, specification and efficient manufacturing.

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Areas Of Expertise

  • Silicone molded parts design
  • LSR injection molding
  • Molds design/making
  • Overmolding and insert molding
  • Prototyping and short run manufacturing
Liquid Silicone Rubber

Industries Served

  • Automotive silicone parts
  • Electronics products
  • Industrial silicone Gasket
  • Consumer products
  • Healthcare products
  • Lsr sealed electric connectors
  • Food grade silicone products
  • Medical grade silicone parts

Food Grade Silicone Supplies Manufacturing

We manufacturer silicone products to food grade customers at home and overseas. There are a multitude of silicone applications in the food grade industry.

Some products that can be made using food grade silicone:

  • Baking molds, ice cube trays and other home kitchen products.
  • Plastic spatulas or grips for knives, whisks, spoons, and other utensils.
  • O-rings, gaskets and other seals that are exposed to food.

Advantages of LSR molded parts

LSR Injection Molding

Innovative technology meeting customer needs

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) can be processed in a liquid injection molding (LIM) process. The liquid raw material is mixed from two separate components in a ratio of 1:1 and injected via a cold-runner-system into a hot mold. Curing takes place within seconds, offering the advantage of fast cycling and production of large quantities.

Due to the flexibility in design and tooling, LSR injection molding is ideal for producing complex geometries and can consolidate various functional features into a single part. It also offers significant advantages in terms of product reliability and total cost of ownership.

Advanced Silicone Product Injection Molding Capabilities


Micro Technology

  • Components below 10 milligrams in weight
  • Needlepoint injection technology and fully automated parts handling

Thin Sections

  • 0.10mm (0.004 inch) or less
  • Ideal for thin membranes
  • Consistency in thickness and quality
  • No pin holes

Delicate Parts

  • Formed reliably every time
  • Production possible with special tool construction and automation

Virtually Flash-Free

  • No need for secondary deflashing
  • High dimensional stability directly from mold
  • Flashless, wasteless design principles
  • Highest efficiency

Highest Precision

  • Surfaces from high polish to textured
  • Consistent manufacturing over millions of parts

Under Cuts

  • Common feature in e.g. bellows
  • Made possible with LSR and special tool construction for molding and de-molding

New Processes And Technologies Are Continually Added…


Customer Focused & Improving

New processes and technologies are continually added in an effort to satisfy our customers’ needs and to achieve a higher level of quality. If there is a process or testing requirement that we currently do not provide, feel free to contact us… We will do whatever we can to help.

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