Silicone O-Rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction. These o-rings are easy to install, versatile, and have capacity to handle pressures.

Silicone o-rings can handle pressure exerted by hydraulic cylinders over their seals. They are used in various types of motionless or movable joints and piping. silicone o-rings are extensively aused in aerospace and automotive fields.

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The Leading Manufacturer of Custom Silicone O-rings

O-ring is one of the most common and useful parts of machine design. Silicone typically is a top choice material for o-ring. Silicone o-rings are used in different applications, such as medical devices, waterproof camera housings, automotive cars and more. Silicone o-ring is also called silicone seal or custom molded o-ring.

Custom Silicone O-rings