Pet Products & Supplies Manufacturing

As a leader in custom silicone molding and overmolding, NEWTOP Custom Silicone is the ideal partner for brand-name pet products.

The market for brand-name pet supplies is growing rapidly, and NEWTOP Custom Silicone has the technical capability and attention to detail to produce just about any silicone products used for feeding and comfort of household animals. This includes collars, bowls, toys and feeding systems.

NEWTOP Custom Silicone will help your brand-name pet product to stand out from the competition by using high-performance materials, including food-grade silicone.


Making Quality Silicone Pet Products

We approach every customer relationship as a partnership, and our full-service model is designed to take the burden off of you during the entire process. We will mold your product in silicone, The silicone pets products what we made include silicone collar, silicone walk kit, silicone pet food mat, silicone pet feeding mat, silicone bowls, silicone toy, silicone bolt bite, silicone pets mat, silicone pets feeding plate, silicone pets brush.

We offer the silicone project and technical support to the pets products industry, We are the Silicone Pet Products OEM/ODM Manufacturer supporting service to the world.

silicone pet brush

Silicone Pet Brush


Silicone Pets Bowl


Silicone Cat Bowl