Custom Silicone Molds

If you are looking for a silicone molding company that can help you with premium silicone molded products, we are here to help you. At NEWTOP Custom Silicone, we help you with quality silicone molds per your project requirement. The whole customization process contains part designing, mold manufacturing, silicone mold production, and delivering with the help of the experienced professionals that work on your project.

For high-efficiently bringing your silicone products or silicone parts into life, the situations we can solve conclude:

NEWTOP Makes Custom Silicone Molded Products

Silicon is used to make various molds and products for different industries depending upon its usage with perfect detailing, premium quality, and custom designs. We have the specialization in making molds like:

 Custom Muffin Molds
 Custom Cake Molds
 Custom Candy Molds
 Custom Chocolate Molds
 Custom Butter Molds
 Custom Candle Molds
 Custom Soap Molds

 Custom Ice Cube Tray Molds
 Custom Bakery Molds
 Custom Popsicle Molds
 Custom Cupcake Molds
 Custom Lollipop Molds
 Custom Cookie Molds
 Custom Remote Molds

We also make products for the Automotive Industry, Medical Industry, Food and Bakery Industry, Electronic Parts, Industrial Parts, Silicone Masks, Silicone O-rings& SealsWrist Bands, Silicone Pouch, Keychains, and other parts which give our clients and us a pleasant Silicone Mold Making experience.

Commonly used Materials:

Depending upon the usage, different grade silicone is used like FDA approved food grade, medical grade and industrial grade.

Silicone O-Rings