Production Molding


Production injection molding is used when high production volumes are required. The production injection molding typically need a durable and high-strength mold, from tool steel or another durable material. This process makes the mold suitable for tens of thousands of production cycles and hundreds of thousands of pieces output over the mold’s life.

Production molding is a key component for a wide range of industries, for any application where lsr parts are required. These industries include:

  • Automotive
  •  Medical
    • O-rings and gaskets
    • Medical containers
    • Medical storage equipment

Why Use Production Injection Molding?

Production molding offers numerous advantages. Once mold production is complete, these benefits will last for the mold’s life span:

Quick production at any volume: Once the mold has been created, high volumes of parts can be run again and again, at only a few seconds per cycle. Molds can also be created quickly, from other materials, to enable rapid prototyping silicone injection molding, when lower volumes are needed. This allows for fast order turnarounds regardless of quantity or application — from prototyping to production.
Scalability: The mold is suitbale to use for any volume of production run once it has been created. Whether you need a run of a few hundred parts or tens of thousands, silicone mold production allows for that flexibility.

Silicone Mold Supplier & Production Molding Process

1. Get a Quote

We accept orders of any quantity and work with you to create the right mold to keep your costs reasonable. Contact Newtop with your project requirements and plans to discuss how to make injection molds that achieve the best ROI for your project and mold.

2. Build the Mold

Newtop maintains a laser focus on quality for every mold that we manufacture, for any application, from rapid prototyping production through to high-volume runs. Our prototype molds come with a 10,000-shot guarantee — ensuring that they will last beyond the prototyping stage, which enables you to ramp up production.

3. Injection Mold the Parts

Once the mold has been created, your parts are ready to be manufactured. A mold of any type or material, for any purpose — prototyping or production — will undergo the same process: Liquid Silicone Rubber is injected through runners into the mold cavities, where it takes the shape of the cavity,The piece is then ejected and inspected.

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