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How to Choose The Appropriate Silicone Grade for A Project?

Silicone grades serve a purpose in many applications and play a significant role in a variety of industries.  Silicone is used in a variety of different industries, notably construction, electronics, automotive, and healthcare, because of their exceptional flexibility and high-temperature tolerance.  The optimum silicone grade is [...]

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What is Silicone 3D printing?

A lot has shifted in the world of 3D printing just lately, including the capacity to print with silicone. Numerous possibilities have arisen as a result of this discovery in several sectors, including the medical, automotive, and consumer goods industries. With its unique characteristics and adaptability, silicone is a [...]

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Is Silicone A Good Heat Insulator?

Controlling heat is important in many circumstances that arise in our daily lives, such as keeping our homes warm during chilly winters or preventing electrical equipment from overheating. This is where the idea of heat insulation enters the picture, playing a crucial role in maintaining thermal comfort and guaranteeing [...]

Trends in the Expanding Silicone Rubber Market

In a variety of sectors, silicone rubber is a highly malleable substance with a wide range of uses. Silicone rubber is highly sought after in industries like consumer goods, electronics, construction, healthcare, and automotive because of its distinctive qualities and capabilities. The need for silicone rubber in end-use industries, [...]

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How to Start A Silicone Product Business?

Great Potentials of Silicone Rubber Products The need for silicone products has gone up across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, consumer electronics, automotive, and cookery, in today's dynamic business environment. Due to its excellent qualities, such as heat resistance, toughness, and flexibility, silicone is an essential component [...]

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What Are Silicone Extrusion?

What Are Silicone Extrusion? Silicone extrusion refers to the process of using an extruder to shape silicone material into various profiles, gaskets, seals and other complex designs. The extrusion method involves forcing a silicone compound through a specially designed die to create continuous lengths of the desired cross-section. [...]

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Top Silicone Tubing Manufacturers in 2023

What is Silicone Tubing?  Silicon tubing is a tubular product mainly made of silicone rubber. They are commercially available in various lengths and diameters and can be used flexibly according to the purpose and application. Silicone rubber, also known as silicone rubber, is an organosilicon compound polymer. Its [...]

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What is The Lifespan of Silicone Rubber?

Silicone rubber, a versatile and essential material, plays a crucial role in various sectors, from healthcare to aerospace. However, what happens to silicone rubber over time? How does it endure its surroundings, and what is its lifespan before degradation? These questions are of utmost importance, as understanding the degradation [...]

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Revolutionize Your Silicone Parts with Liquid Injection Molding

Get custom-made molded silicone parts, gaskets, sheets, and rolls from NEWTOP Custom Silicone, using top-performing liquid silicone rubber (LSR) materials and processes. Our experience with liquid injection molding (LIM) means we select only the best LSRs for your components - which benefit from faster cure cycles and outstanding UV [...]